Adams Elevator eCommerce Freight Policy

Product prices are provided EXW (Ex-works) or FCA (for 3rd-party carrier) origin and do not include freight/shipping or handling. Costs associated with internal product handling for each order are applied at the time of order, and reflected on the customer's invoice. Receipts for these charges will not be furnished. COD shipments are not permitted through our on-line shopping site. Due to postal regulations, any order that weighs more than 70 lbs or exceeds certain dimensions cannot be delivered to P.O. Boxes. Other Terms and Conditions of sale may apply. Please see the section Terms and Conditions of Sale on this web site for additional information.

It is ADAMS' policy to honor the requests of customers with respect to any selection of carrier they may make while placing their order. However, we reserve the right to select a carrier of our choosing to meet the requirements of the customer with respect to urgency or similar service level, or due to package/shipment restrictions. Furthermore, when no carrier is specified by customer at time of order, we will choose the carrier that provides the best combination of service and cost to meet any delivery requirements which may have been requested at time of order. Additionally, when customer specifies a carrier and provides 3rd-party freight collect direct billing information, ADAMS will not be responsible for service level beyond contacting the carrier specified and advising them to pick up the customer's order. Finally, in cases when shipments are made under terms of "prepay & add" ADAMS will add freight/shipping charges to the customer's invoice for payment to ADAMS. These freight/shipping charges will be the charges obtained from the respective carrier's website for that shipment wherever possible.

Terms & Conditions